Bonboga Pedernales
Beach city
What is Bonboga Pedernales
Bonboga Pedernales is inclusive, attractive and sustainable beach cities to create urban nodes that function as plants that generate wealth, tourism and improve the quality of life for its inhabitants.
Bonboga Pedernales more than a city project is
a transformational project that comes to contribute to the destination to continue the growth that island has presented and bring it to the free access of Dominicans regardless of their economic origin.
Universal place for everyone
We work hard every day to make life of our guests better and happier
  • Commercial street and Sport Marina
    Developing the destiny of the area, that will provide the abundance of commercial product
  • 5000 apartments with unique view
    Be a part of a special amount of privilege and get your apartment first
  • 265 Hotel rooms
    Vacation, buisness trip, leisure and kids holidays, be sure to stay in comfort with all your family
  • Party fun joy road
    Live party, live joy, live fun. Celebrate every day of your life and be happy to try it with us
  • Art spots
    Creativity, imagination, dance of colors, abundance of oeuvre, everything through the lens of the new
  • Sport life
    Sport is resource of life, sport on the beach is also resourse of great mood, new meetings, sun kisses and plenty of harmony
"Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life -- think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success."
Swami Vivekananda
Bonboga Pedernales. Beauty of the island
Saltwater Pool
A saltwater pool is an alternative to a traditional chlorine pool. Although you don't add chlorine tablets to a saltwater pool, it does still contain chlorine. It just has a smaller amount that's generated through the filter system.
Natural Marina
Discover the very best in facilities and hospitality whilst visiting thi prestigious superyacht marina
Commercial street and Sport Marina
Bonboga Pedernales offers a solution that
promotes local trade through increased density
of the area, which currently contains a low density and elite housing, which does not file a claim that
allow trade to flow local.

5000 apartments with unique view
Focusing on creating cities
open to the sea that attract
a large audience with
attractive nature and
infrastructure equipped for
use effectively and
sustainably the Caribbean Sea.
265 Hotel rooms
Bonboga Pedernales represents the island that
we are, and they will catapult the
image of the country at the
developing the international
country brand with which
we really represent, a
island full of life and joy
surrounded by a turquoise sea.
Party fun joy road
Bonboga Pedernales seeks to offer the attractiveness of
Caribbean, through an infrastructure that
provide quality of life and encourage the use of
outdoor spaces. Bonboga will be
cities of the future, where everyone will be
welcome to enjoy a space
urban prepared for the enjoyment of the weather
tropical and beach adventure.
Bonboga is an open space for
everyone can enjoy high quality
of life without distinguishing their social stratum,
being the first city of the country created
with the goal of inclusiveness in the
heart of the project.
Art spots
art as a manifestation of ourselves, as an expression of cultural values, as a reflection of family, friends and all the most important things on the planet, as a reminder of the meaning of existence and receiving daily emotions with just one viewing, a flight of fantasy, creativity, the art of expressing ourselves, all this in Bonboga Pedernales
Everyone is a part of us
In the country there is an overpopulation of tourism projects, which if well they seek to use and potentiate the maritime resource of the country, they are exclusive proposals reserved for the public of high power
purchasing power that can finance access to such projects. Without however, although these projects raise the image of the country to levels international, exclude Dominicans who have the right
to enjoy your island with its beaches. It is our patriotic duty provide quality infrastructures that allow people to
enjoy our charm, the beaches. infrastructures that support inclusive places, where tourists and locals share and exchange opportunities, using our background essence, the joy that makes us Dominicans.
Bonboga Pedernales is a settlement where through its natural attractions, activity programs subsidized within the project budget and an effective network of infrastructures that contribute to the quality of life, a settlement feels alive, with a soul. A life focused on neighborhood complicity, the good vibra and social inclusion.
The first city project shirt that seeks to open the beaches to all Dominicans regardless of their status.
With a extensive waterfront crowded of activities, with a road artery with wide sidewalks where the shops flourish. A life, where you breathe art, with a program of artistic educational offer subsidized by the
initial budget of project, to offer the public an experience unforgettable.
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